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Why Cade?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

So given this is Cade’s BOMB Bombs and all of your support goes towards him and our family, I’d like to share updates about Cade’s care and ailments! We appreciate YOU and want to include you all in on why this venture is so important to us! ❤️

One of Cade’s Specialists came to Fort McMurray today from Edmonton and although more testing needs to be done, we are slowly chipping away at a possible diagnosis other than the Chiari Malformation. The Dr believes that Cade could also have a very mild form of Cerebral Palsy or Spastic Paraplegia - which is a disorder characterized by progressive weakness and spasticity (stiffness) of the legs. The Dr is pushing for a Neurologist to see Cade right away and made a call right there. So hopefully we get an appointment soon!

Cade also needs new AFOs (Leg Braces) every year as he's growing and when they get too small they cause great discomfort and pain. There’s also the possibility of Botox injections into Cade’s ankles to attempt to loosen them up - but he doesn’t want to do that until he hears what the Neurologist has to say. If needed, we hear it could be covered here in Alberta 🤞🏻 - and although we miss our hometown of Kitimat BC, we are thankful to be here if that’s the case since it’s not covered there.

So although this news isn’t exactly ‘concrete’, it’s a step forward!

We, at Cade’s BOMB Bombs appreciate all of the support and will continue to bring you the BEST in All Natural Bath Products!!

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