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Welcome to Cade's BOMB Bombs! Handmade & Natural Bath/Shower & Body Products

Cade LOVES Bath Time & Bath Bombs! I’m super excited to start a venture where I can combine these two loves for not only Cade & my other 2 boys but bring them to your family as well!
I’m excited to bring Cade’s BOMB Bombs to your home! I have a variety of Hand Painted, Artisanal Bath Bombs plus Shower & Body Care Products ~ All Handmade by me here in Fort McMurray, AB!
Our Mission? To source the highest quality ingredients free of artificial ingredients that I can find to ensure that everything I offer to you & your loved ones, I would have zero issue using on Cade or the rest of my clan! 

Here at Cade’s BOMB Bombs everything is 100% handmade in small batches - never mass produced in factories and sent. We ensure that every item is made with care and with the best ingredients and Highest Quality Fragrances & Essential Oils. You may sometimes find color variations in each batch. I don’t follow a strict regime with how I use my colors - sometimes I like switch it up!

*Never Boring, Always Unique, Made with Care*



Our Little Spokesperson - Cade!

Here’s a bit about Cade and why he’s my little spokesperson!

Cade is our youngest of 3 boys and has Autism, Chiari Malformation - a defect of the cerebellum (lower brain ‘leaks’ down into spinal column) & Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia ( or Muscle Spasticity, which is a progressive disorder that is characterized by stiffness and weakness in the limbs - mainly the legs).

We have received the results of Cade's Advanced Genetic Testing in the US and overseas that show a couple genetic mutations, one being the mutation of the gene 'SNORD118'. This mutation is still so new and rare that we won't have all the information on it until more cases a